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Welcome to the Fayo Bilingual training Institute

 The limits of my language
means the limits of my world.
 Ludwig Wittgenstein

who we are

FBTI is a language company founded in 2011. Our purpose is to provide foreign language services to after-school programs, families, daycares/pre-schools, and local businesses throughout the Chicagoland Area. We offer a wide scope of language services ranging from private and group instruction to translation, bilingual wellness workshops, culture classes, academic tutoring and more.  We specialize in customized, interactive curriculum designed to meet the needs of our clients. 



what we provide

Amigos míos language program (Ages 2-16)

Amigos Míos is our world language enrichment program that incorporates literacy, music, and movement, designed for language learners ages 2-16. Our mission is to empower youth and promote family engagement through learning.

Professional Development

We believe that communicating your ideas in multiple languages is integral to good business practice.  Whether in English, Spanish, or another language, our services are geared towards polishing your oral and written skills.

individual/small group language classes and academic tutoring


Our tutoring program offers one on one, or small-group assistance for a more personalized and productive environment.




We strive to provide a personal resource that our students can use to excel in their academic classes. 

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